140802 ZELO & Daehyun “No Mercy” @ Best of Best in Hong Kong

how cute are they T///T

You’re perfect no matter what.

you are what you are.

both zelo’s and daehyun’s weibo have been verified to K-pop B.A.P 

Things to do when your band win an award: -Smell the roses ✓

Things to do when your band win an award: -Smell the roses

after warrior finished

daehyun sat and zelo lay down on the floor

then, zelo rolled himself nearby daehyun.

(most zelo & daehyun focus)

i recorded many fancams focus on zelo and daehyun but staff was so strict!

he took my camera out and delete all my fantakens and fancams!

so i’m trying to recover them …. hope it’ll work…

i posted this fanacc in thai in my twitter acc. @AyoLoDae 



during “Starbabys” 

- daehyun said “i’m thirsty” in thai

- ZELO drank a juice and said ” who want zelo’s?” and everyone loudly scream!, then he gave his one to baby.

- Jongup asked us “Do you know frozen? “

babys “yesssss!!!”

Jongup “Do you know frozen song?” and then he humed some instrumental of frozen song

babys “yesssssssss!!”

Jongup “Do you wanna drink a coffee?” (like do you wanna build a snowman)

and he gave a cup of coffee with his sign to baby


during “Punch”

- yongjae took daehyun to sit on the chair and pretended to punch daehyun’s face many time.

-daehyun pretended to knock down jongup. jongup spurted water and went down. (they’re the best actor LOL)


during “Check on”

-babys stood up and danced

-Daehyun and ZELO claped thier hand together (seem like they hold their hand in a few seconds)


during “SPY”

-youngjae threw his towel that was wiped his sweat to baby

-ZELO shaked his butt.then,he turned aound and made cute face ><

-himchan hit daehyun’s butt LOL!!!


During “introducing time”

- B.A.P said “Sa-wad-dee-krub” (hello in thai) and made the absolute thai salute of respect.

-they said in thai

daehyun: hi i’m daehyun.I love you!

youngjae:do you miss me?

zelo:do you love me? i love you too (and he made heart to us)

himchan&jongup: “kob-kun-kab” (thank you)

- ZELO asked us “Are you ready?!!” and we loudly shouted “yessss!!” but daehyun was dissatisfied.then, ZELO asked daehyun to help, daehyun asked us “Are you READY?!!!!!” and we more loudly shouted “yesssssssssssss!!” and daehyun said “OK LET’S GO!”


during “dancing on the rain”

-Himchan threw a kiss too much.

-daehyun shaked his butt again.

-himchan started singing happy birthday to daehyun.then B.A.P pulled daehyun in the middle of stage and pretended to pull his shirt.but they didn’t do it. (and my face looked like -____- *disappointed*)


during “talking time”

-himchan said “i’m hungry i want to eat ‘pad-thai’ (thai noodle)”

-we sang birthday song to daehyun and raised our banner up. daehyun perfectly smiled to us and said “thank you”

-daehyun tried not to cry  and we shouted “ul-ji-ma” (don’t cry in korean)

-B.A.P took our project banners and played it.

-himchan danced together with jongup while daehyun sang 어디니? 뭐하니? 

-i think himup is too much LOL himchan always put his arm on jongup’s shoulder.

-himchan asked us “do you know what is the last song?”

babys “warrior!” (we sang to be an answer) 

and then yongguk encored “Huh!”

- before B.A.P went back to  backstage to change their clothes for ‘warrior’ . jongup said “we’ll come back soon (in thai)”


finished concert

-daehyun sat on the stage floor and zelo lay on it.then zelo rolled himself near daehyun and they gazed into each other eye! (i’m die…..)

-youngjae said “thank you for loving B.A.P”

-special stage was “with you” we had a special project for this song and this project made daehyun and youngjae cried.

-daehyun said “i’m very happy.I’m really very very love you”

-zelo said “DON’T CHEAT ME” (no,of corse not. zelo i love you)

-youngjae said “they will come to attack BKK again”

-zelo said “i’m very happy. i know you’ll wait for us(or you wait for us for a long time).i’ll miss you baby.i love you bangkok”


-today, daehyun and zelo were so tired. zelo was raspy when he rap.and daehyun missed his voice in some lyrics.(but daehyun is the best vocal line! his high-note is so strong and makes me cry bye….)

-today, zelo put his arm around daehyun’s shoulder many time.(it makes me cry too bye T///T)